Ah, baby popcorn

For the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling what I can only describe as popcorn pops. I read the description online somewhere and I think it fits perfectly.  In the last few days, Donnie has started to be able to feel the kicks, punches, and/or head-butts for himself. Usually the way that we get that to happen is by me lying down and poking firmly into my lower abdomen and then putting his hand on my belly very quickly. He says he can feel it but, of course, when his hand is on my belly, I can’t really feel the kicks unless they’re really hard. But I’m more than willing to take his word for it 🙂

It’s been fun while I hold 2 and half month old Allison to feel the baby kick. It seems like an odd sensation, and I sometimes pretend that the baby is kicking when it hears Allison make a particularly loud noise.

At our appointment last week, the babe hit the baby heart beat doppler transducer while the nurse was pressing it into my stomach. I prefer to think that it head-butted the transducer, but that’s probably not very accurate. We also scheduled our ultrasound for Wednesday, September 2nd! We’re both really looking forward to finding out the sex, even though I simultaneously want to know and not know. So if I don’t get another post in in the meantime, the next thing you’ll hear from me will be about the baby!


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  1. You’re also closing on a house pretty soon! Lots going on. How about one more blog about your apartment before you leave?


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