Ah, new house

We are now the proud owners of 1946 Bobcat Ave in Albany (which is the town next-door to Corvallis)!! This morning we signed the papers (while I held Allison and she chewed my left hand) and got the keys. We made ourselves be responsible adults and wait until after the workday to head over to the house. After picking up dinner, we ate in the house and confirmed paint choices and Donnie got to work fixing the leaky master toilet (or rather, it was running every few minutes).

Our next door neighbor saw us shortly after we arrived and came by to introduce herself and tell us about the other neighbors, which was fabulous but I’m sure I won’t remember most of it. And then when we were upstairs in the master bathroom, which is visible from the street, our neighbors two doors down (a young couple like us) walked by and called up to us and introduced themselves. (I reassured them that Donnie was not using the toilet he was sitting on :))  And our friends Mark and Joani (and baby Allison)  who live in the neighborhood stopped by to see the place. So we feel very welcome on our street!

Will post pictures and video later! Tomorrow morning is the ultrasound so we’ll have more big news that hopefully I can get posted tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on the house!! Welcome to the Club of being a first time home owner! (and all the fixing-upping that it entails! hee hee)

    I hope you and Donnie have a blast making memories during this adventure..and I can’t wait to hear what the US shows!!!


  2. I think it would have been awesome had he been using the toilet! Hilarious! Congrats, can’t wait to see pictures! OH And you are finding out what you are having today! CALL ME!!!
    Love you!

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