Ah, and the baby is….

We had our ultrasound this morning to which I arrived with an extremely full bladder (30 ounces of water, to be exact). It was more uncomfortable than I’d thought it would be, so I was glad that after the technician got the shot she needed with the full bladder, I was able to run to the bathroom and, as she put it, “take my time” emptying my bladder.

Okay, now on to the good stuff (but I figured that if I had to go through the discomfort before getting to the baby, so did you :D). Our technician was very efficient and did a great job getting many different angles of the baby. The first shot, as she tried to locate the top of the head, was what many pregnant women now affectionately call “the potty shot.” So I was able to see the outline of both legs and what was in between them. Even though the tech didn’t say anything immediately about the sex, I knew instantly that it was a boy because I knew what I was looking at after viewing tons of different “potty shots” posted on message boards, blogs, etc…. But I held my tongue just in case I was wrong and when she announced that it was a boy, I was instantly excited! Even though I’d been thinking it might be a girl, that feeling was based on nothing real so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the boy bits. Plus, now I get to have my “dream” of having an older brother for the younger kiddo(s) that follow.

We continued to watch in wonder as the tech took a tour of my uterus and the baby: his spine, his 4-chambered heart, his perfect brain, his hands, feet, legs, and little belly. It was fun to be able to feel him moving around and see him doing the same thing on the screen.

Based on the statistical indications of the measurements the tech took, he is measuring 21 weeks, give or take 2 weeks, and since I am currently 20 weeks and 5 days, that was perfect. She said that as the baby starts to become more individualized in his development, the statistical averages start being less accurate. So, for example, in the third trimester, the age estimates have a +/- of 3 weeks. I didn’t ask how long he was measuring overall but he apparently weighs about 15 ounces. So he’s currently all stretched out and lean and waiting to pack on the 6-7 more pounds, since I’m not predicting that I will give birth to a tiny baby.

So here’s the profile shot of the kiddo.

20 week + 5 daysThe head is on the right and the protrusion that looks like a nose is really his upper lip and just below is, of course, the bottom lip. Apparently, above that, is the nose. I’m still having a hard time making my brain not see the upper lip as his nose, but Donnie sees it, so I’ll take his word for it that there’s a nose there! His chin is resting on his chest and then the two dark spots that you see in the chest/belly area are his heart and stomach.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures since the tech only printed out one. I should’ve asked for more in the moment but didn’t want to be difficult, even though friends who’ve gone to the exact same ultrasound lab have gotten 5-10 pictures printed out. Since the images and movie files will be visible to my doctor online through the shared medical records, I’m thinking that when I see her on the 17th, I can ask if more photos can be printed. But if not, that’s okay because all of his parts were perfect and look just like all the other ultrasound photos you can see online. (I may try to beg for one of his cute little feet. They were crossed most of the time and were so cute!)

So now we’re excited to work on names and continue with more focused planning (much of which will involve my favorite color: blue!).



  1. Baby Boy Carpenter!!! Hooray!! I’m wanting to hold him already! And now that Donnie’s done the macho thing and passed on the Carpenter name for one generation, we’ll be looking forward to equal time for us girls the next go-around. In the meantime, Baby Boy is very, very cute. It’s so exciting!


  2. I know – we only got the one, too (maybe we had the same tech!) and I didn’t want to be difficult so I didn’t ask for more. Oh well! You can’t really capture the experience anyway.

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