Ah, painting

On Friday, I started painting the hall bath in our new house. Before, it was pale off-white. I finished one coat and there were some thin spots, so Saturday morning I put up the final second coat and it looks gorgeous. The color is called Marsh Fern, but it looks more like Granny Smith apple to me, at least in this light and in semi-gloss. (Although maybe that’s what a marsh fern looks like….)

Green hall bath

On Saturday, I also finished the first and second coat in the master bath. I love the color–Viking–though I’m not sure what the gray-blue has to do with vikings, but oh well.

Blue Master Bath

Blue Master Bath 2

This afternoon, after church and packing a box in the kitchen, I headed over to start work on the kitchen, which will be the same color as the master bathroom. To help me (and my belly) stay safe, I borrowed a bigger ladder so that even when I was standing on the counter to do the cutting in above the cabinets, I would have something sturdy to brace myself on if need be. I finished the first coat on the wall with the oven and microwave (the most cutting in) and then another wall. Tomorrow I plan to finish the first coat on all the walls and hopefully the second coat, but we’ll see.


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