Here are some of the aforementioned photos from family visits over the last few weeks.

I didn’t have my camera with me when we went to the coast, so I have no cute photos of Jackson running into the very, very, very chilly Pacific in his swim diaper. You’ll have to head to Seth and Kristen’s blog for those, but since they’re on the long drive to Washington, D.C., right now, it might be a bit before they’re posted.

But here a few that I do have.

Kolbs 9/09Seth, Jackson, & Kristen (and little Owen–not pictured)

Preg belliesWe’re both pregnant; can’t you tell? I guess black really is slimming.

Ghosts with belliesAh, there are the bellies. Too bad we’re a little bleached out.

The day after Seth and family left, my parents arrived. We only stayed in Albany briefly before heading over to Bend for a weekend of trekking around lava fields. Here are some photos of the Bend trip, some taken by me and others by the Donnie.

Me and babe on the lava cone (and Mom)Me and the babe (and a transfixed Mom) on the lava cone

Tree on lava fieldTree on lava field

Lava tunnel entranceLava tunnel entrance (as seen from inside)

Mom, Dad, Claire, and babe in the lava tunnelDad, Mom, me, and the babe in the lava tunnel

Me, the babe, and DonnieIn the lava tunnel (the tunnel was usually much, much taller)

Big Obsidian Flow endWhere the Big Obsidian Flow stopped flowing

Big Obsidian FlowObsidian from the Big Obsidian Flow

Overall, the trip to Bend was a lot of fun, and the weather was glorious! That Sunday morning, Mom and Dad headed up to Portland for Dad to attend a conference through Wednesday afternoon. Once they returned Wednesday night, one of the first big tasks that Dad (and Donnie) accomplished was to plant the three trees that they generously bought us: a Cherokee Brave Dogwood, Red Sunset Red Maple, and a Kwanzan Cherry (follow the links for pretty pictures of what they will look like in their appropriate seasons). All beautiful!

Planting the MapleDad & Donnie planting the maple

Mom and Dad also helped us complete many projects. Photos of their handiwork and the house coming together to come soon!


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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I always like looking at my family. The conjoined pregnant twins is a little creepy though.

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