Ah, another peek at the babe

We had a follow-up ultrasound on Friday and received two new pictures of the babe! I was exactly 28 weeks so the baby is theoretically about 2.25 pounds and measures about 15 inches. We had a lot of fun watching him move around; at one point, he had his legs up over his head, with his feet almost touching the top of his head! I suppose babies are quite flexible before they put on the fat 🙂

It was also amazing for me to watch him punching and kicking while simultaneously feeling it! At one point, the baby was keeping his hands in front of his face when the tech wanted to get a good look at his face, so first he tried poking the baby with the transducer. We wanted the baby bounce in response to the poking but he wouldn’t move his arms. So then the tech asked me to give a few good coughs because, as he said, “That usually gives everything a good shake-up.” 🙂 And it did!

Profile (28 weeks)

Cutie with a cute nose 🙂

Foot (28 weeks)

He tried to give us a "high foot"!


One Comment

  1. Looks like a future crafter to me! I’m glad things are going so well, Claire. Keep the updates coming.

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