Ah, busy October

We’ve had a busy past few weeks with a Housewarming Party and a Halloween Party at our house! So here are some pictures from the Housewarming Party.

Pumpkin cookiesI actually made these iced pumpkin cookies for the Harvest Party two days before but it was my first time making them and they were super yummy, so I thought I’d share ๐Ÿ™‚

Donnie weedingDonnie weeding in preparation for the party. Our back patio was “infested” with dandelions, grasses, and the actual grass from our lawn, so he kindly went through and dug up or at least trimmed the offenders.

The spreadFor refreshments, I made tiger butter, pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes (with ginger snaps as the crust!), lemon bars, and queso. And I also set out some grapes and sliced oranges. And almost everything was eaten, which is always a good sign!

Showing off the spreadI don’t think that Wheel of Fortune will be calling for my services anytime soon….

And here are some photos of our bedroom and the nursery. Both are coming together slowly but nicely. I’ll post pictures next time of the living room and kitchen. I somehow didn’t take pictures of them when they were all gussied up for the Housewarming. I guess that means I need to go clean again.

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2The ceiling is vaulted, which makes the room feel nice and large. I’m still trying to figure what I’ll do with the “display” area that runs above the closet to the bedroom door and what color I’ll paint some of the walls. Since it will require big ladders, I want to make sure I choose correctly before going through with it.

Master Bedroom 3One of my favorite things about the bedroom is that there is room for the dresser with the mirror. Since we were married 5 years ago, we’ve never actually had it in the room with us. So now there’s plenty of room for folded clothes and we no longer have to share the one dresser!

Nursery dresserOn to the nursery! This is the dresser I bought at one of the Antique Malls in Albany. The color isn’t necessarily my favorite, but I think it goes with the clouds on the other two walls and will work for a baby. If I ever do paint it, it will probably be white. And I might change the knobs as well, though they are the exact same kind as the knobs on the big toy cabinet I had in my room growing up ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh and, Lauren, notice the onesie on the dresser? I left it out so people could see it on their tour of the rooms :D)

Nursery nightstandHere you can see some of the clouds and the matching nightstand. To the left will eventually be the brown swivel/rocking chair and ottoman we ordered from the Toy Factory. And to the right will be the crib. Right now, it’s the Pack n Play I use for Allison and that we’ll use for the babe at the beginning in our room.

Nursery BookshelfApologies for the unattractiveness of the photo, but the main reason I’m including it is for the little bookshelf. It was previously a blond laminate that had seen better days. So I lightly sanded, primed, and painted it white. I’m not sure if it will stay in this exact location, but that’s where it’s living now. And all but a few of those toys spilling out from the bottom shelf are borrowed from my generous friend Kayla! I need to buy some cubby baskets to hold them all ๐Ÿ™‚ And the bird hanging in front of the window is from Bogota, Colombia, and was a gift from my parents last year. It looks more fun in front of the clouds than it does in this picture.

And one last photo. I took this one of the pretty Red Sunset maple in all its fall glory back on the 16th, but here it is now. Mom and Dad (who generously bought us the tree and two others), doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Red Sunset maple

Next post, I will have pictures from the Halloween party and more of the house.


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