Ah, fishies

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts. Here are some pictures from our trip over to Newport with Lori and Lee on November 1st. Our major stop on the coast was the aquarium, and each time we go, we have lots of fun. We also ate at the Rogue River Brewery & Pub on the bayfront and hung out for a bit at Nye Beach. Overall, it was great day, particularly because the weather cooperated and gave us sun!

The sharks are going to eat Donnie!
(Even though Donnie didn’t mean for his head to be in the photo, I still like it. We had the camera lying on the ground, but he leaned over just a bit too far.)

I’m afraid of the Megalodon!

No, wait, I am the Megalodon.

Nevermind. We’ve been eaten (though, surprisingly, we actually don’t seem that scared.)

The famous Lori and Lee at the Historic Bayfront.

Hanging out at Nye Beach.


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