Ah, Texas & Idaho

Though the two states in this post are basically unrelated, I did notice that the landscape around Boise is very similar to that of West Texas–mostly stark, very flat, and either loved or hated by visitors and residents.

So, to start with Texas. On Friday, November 13th, I flew down to Texas for a brief visit with my parents and sister and her family. My sister, Mom, and I got to spend most of Saturday together just talking (and looking at quilt tops made by my great-grandmother that my mom had quilted recently). Here are a few pictures from that weekend.

It was sunny and beautiful that Monday, so my body enjoyed soaking in the Vitamin D.

From left to right: Nathaniel, Tommy, Wade, me, and Ella
(sorry, Wade, for not naming in the first version of this post. I thought I had!)
(I personally love that Tommy is helpfully holding Nathaniel’s head to face the camera. Maybe he should’ve done the same thing to Wade :D)

And just because I love it, here is the quilt that used to hang in my room for a time when I was little. I hadn’t seen it in years but as soon as I did, I remembered every little bit of it. The next quilt pictured below it was in the living room for a long time growing up and soon it will be in our home ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved looking at the farm vignettes when I was little. One of my favorites was the girl at the very top.

This was made by my father’s grandmother. I love the semi-randomness and the colors.

Now, on to Idaho we go. For Thanksgiving, Donnie and I traveled to the town of Star, Idaho, which is just east of Boise to stay with the parents of our friends from Young Marrieds. We rode the 9 and half hours in the little Honda Civic with Natalie and Daniel and their cute pug, Merriweather.ย  And as a huge blessing, I didn’t cramp up and die in the car! We did, however, stop at all but 2 of the rest stops that we saw along the way. Natalie and I became quite the connoisseurs of rest stop bathroom aesthetics. And even with all the stopping, we still made excellent time.

There are way too many pictures from the trip for me to post them all, but a few of the highlights are here. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we went out to some BLM land where people often go to shoot guns. I shot a .38 and .22 (both in rifle and revolver form) and two different caliber shot guns that I don’t remember the specifics of. I really wanted to shoot a sawed-off shotgun but Natalie’s Dad unfortunately forgot to bring it. For the first time, I was taught how to shoot skeet and though I never fully “killed” one of the clay pigeons, I did wing two.

If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t fight it. That’s how you should feel.

Handgunning Spouses: Daniel and Natalie

Doesn’t Donnie look manly with a .22 bolt lever-action rifle?

“But I don’t know if I can shoot skeet….”

“But I suppose that with the right technique and stunning form, I can do anything!”

The flesh-toned sumo suit helped make the whole afternoon worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day, we hacked into some pumpkins with Natalie’s father’s honest-to-goodness samurai sword. I wasn’t particularly successful, but Donnie was. Here is the video to prove it.

I think it’s quite obvious from these videos who is the better wielder of the sword, but I won’t taint you with my opinion.


One Comment

  1. Claire,
    Donnie does look manly but he is holding a lever action .22, not a bolt action. Or so it appears from the photo.

    And you forgot to list poor little Wade in the group photo! I’m gonna tell him that his Auntie Claire doesn’t love him.


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