Ah, knitting projects

Over the summer and in the early fall, I spent a lot of my knitting time on two projects for friend, Patrick Kenney (but I forgot to take pictures so am just now getting these pictures up). The first was a pair of gloves that Coraline wore in the movie of the same name. Here’s the finished product:

This was my first attempt at knitting in the round, carrying multiple colors up the side of a project, and knitting gloves. So all in all, I’m pretty happy with them!

I also crocheted the stuffed animal that Coraline carries around with her. Since it doesn’t have a name, I’ll use the name that the woman who recreated the pattern used: Octopus Cyclops Kitty Thing (even though it only has five legs and in this picture, it’s missing the big button that serves as its eye because I didn’t have a large button to sew on).

He’s been felted so he’s soft and extra fluffy. The yarn I used was alpaca so he’s a little hairier than perhaps intended 🙂

I’ve also been working on a baby sweater for the little one. All the pieces are done and so this week, I’m going to make myself go ahead and steam them and then sew it all together. I’m nervous that I’ll make a mistake but I’m so close to being done! I’ve also knitted a fun baby hat, as well as crocheted lots of booties and hats. I’ll try to post some representative pictures soon.

And then the picture I can’t wait to post is of the knitted toy I made for my nephew Jackson. After Christmas day, I’ll put it up 🙂


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