Ah, baby goodies

In the last week, I’ve finished up a couple of projects that I had been putting off for far too long. First, I made some flannel baby wipes to go along with the cloth diapers we’ll be using for the babe after the first few weeks. My dear friend Joani kindly gave me a huge amount of flannel to use, so I now have about 30 double-sided wipes and four burp cloths just from that material!

I almost think the material is too cute for my son’s bum, but then again, my son’s bum will probably be pretty cute!

Once I had gotten into burp cloth-making mode, I couldn’t stop myself and went ahead and made several more with some different fabric. Now the sewing machine has been put up so I can’t come up with an excuse to make more!

And lastly, I finished up the baby sweater that I started soon after we found we were pregnant. I bought a neutral green at the time and slowly worked through the two front pieces, sleeves, and back. The sweater is knitted on size 2 needles so it wasn’t the fastest process, but what I spent the most time delaying was piecing it together for fear that I would mess it up and/or that I would discover that it was irreparably messed up. But, it wasn’t! And now I’m done šŸ™‚ He may be wearing it home from the hospital (along with a matching cap I made) or we may save it for pictures later. Either way, he’ll be wearing it soon since I made the 0-3 month size!



  1. So fun! Love all of the final products! We need to see pictures of the nursery with the new crib!!
    We can’t wait to hear news that he has arrived!

  2. I love all the burp clothes, they turned out great & I like that style of burp cloth, too! I’m glad you liked the flannel, I have to admit I liked it, too, but I think it makes better burp clothes and baby wipes than a back to his quilt. And the sweater is fabulous, I remember all the tedious knitting you were doing!

  3. The sweater is gorgeous!! I’ll be there soon to cuddle a little boy bum.

    Seth and Kristen said that they owe you one for delaying the delivery until it was time for me to leave them.

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