Ah, tardy birth announcement

So as I think all of my readers already know, Benjamin James Carpenter was born on January 19th at 7:35 p.m. Right now, all I’m going to attempt is to post some of the early pictures and then in the next post, I’ll have my birth story for inquiring minds. I needed to go ahead and post this so I can start posting more recent photos 🙂

The day we planned to leave (January 21st), we learned that he had high levels of bilirubins (fun word!) in his system, so he was prescribed 24 hours of constant light treatment. A little bili light blanket could even be wrapped into his swaddling blanket so that even when I nursing him, he would be receiving light. After 24 hours, his levels were slightly lower but still too high (the same level becomes less dangerous with each hour of life), so we had another 24 hours of light treatment! It was frustrating and tiring not too be able to hold him between feedings and to try to soothe a baby lying on his back without the possibility of even being swaddled. As soon as it ended and he was discharged on the 21st, we were all quite happy!

Contemplating the mysteries of life while lowering his bilirubin count. Pretty amazing little guy!

Off the light table and about to head home!


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