Ah, spring

So spring is back! Well, it’s been back since late February but now the days are consistently warmer and, well, less depressing.Β  To celebrate all the beauty, on a recent walk around our neighborhood, I posed Benjamin in his stroller near pretty flowers and took pictures πŸ™‚ I felt a little bit odd doing it, but then realized that it really was a compliment to the homeowners and not weird at all. So here are a few of those pictures.

Benjamin & the Crabapple Tree

Benjamin & Red Tulips

Benjamin & Pretty Tulips

Spring is also happening in our yard. In the fall, you may remember that we planted a Red Sunset Red Maple, a pink dogwood, and a cherry tree. All three bloomed and here is how they look! (All of these pictures were taken by the fabulous Mister Donnie Carpenter.)

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood Blossoms

Red Sunset Red Maple in Backyard

Maple Blooms and Seeds

Kwanzan Cherry in Backyard

Cherry Blossoms

Thank you again, Mom and Dad, for buying them for us πŸ™‚

Because it’s spring and we live in the Northwest and our front yard is north-facing, we had to de-moss, fertilize, and reseed our front yard. We didn’t get a picture of all the moss but here are some pictures of the de-mossing process which will serve as our “before” pictures. Hopefully we’ll have some happy “after” pictures to show in a couple of weeks. If not….we’ll be reseeding in October πŸ™‚

Mmmm, moss! Oh and some grass too.

I think I can see grass up there…

And Benjamin is doing well in his recovery from RSV. I’ve noticed especially in the last few days that his coughing has significantly diminished! In fact, I’m going to return his nebulizer to the doctor’s office before we head to DC on Wednesday.

Also, in a small effort to get “caught up” on Benjamin posts, here are a few of the videos I’ve sent around to families and some of which I’ve posted on Facebook. But now they’re here in one spot.

Hopefully after our trip to DC, I’ll quickly put up some new pictures of him with his cousins! And I’ll also start to work on a month-by-month progression of how he’s changed and growing. We’ll see if that ever materializes! Oh and I have my baby pictures and Donnie’s, so we can start comparing who he looks most like (hint: it’s not me :D).



  1. Oh Benjamin is so cute!

    Also, I am very curious about having to de-moss your yard…I have never heard of that before. Please explain.

    I love the flower pictures!!

  2. Basically, because the front yard doesn’t get the needed 6 hours of sunlight a day (that most lawns need to be healthy), moss starts to grow and takes over. It’s very cute and quaint until it kills all of the grass. And if we didn’t have an HOA to please, we probably would’ve left it. So basically, you have to spray MossOut (which has a bunch of iron in it) all over the moss, which kills it, turning it brown, and then you rake and pick it out so that the current grass can grow back in. And then you often go ahead and overseed the grass with some new seed to help fill in the gaps more quickly. Most lawns don’t look as bad as ours, but the previous owners didn’t apply fertilizer with iron in it to help keep out the moss. Hopefully this won’t become a yearly ritual! I am thinking, though, of replacing the strip of grass between the street and sidewalk with some kind of ground cover and a few shrubs so we don’t have to worry about watering and de-mossing and de-weeding that area. Phew! Who knew having a lawn was so much work? πŸ™‚

    Oh, oh, and I’d like you to post pictures of your pretty flowers. I remember them from years past. So very pretty!

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