Ah, catching up again Part I

Of course, a lot has happened since my last post. So I have to play catch-up again with photos and videos. I need to get into a better rhythm with uploading photos/videos and then getting them up here.

We had fabulous trips in May to Washington, D.C. to visit Seth and Kristen and family and then to Chicago where my mom met us for a few days. Here are a few photos from those trips.

Sleepy Cousins after Trip to Target (4/30/10)

On our way to the monuments

Washington Monument (taken by Donnie)

@ the new World War II Memorial

Boris Karloff, I mean, Lincoln looking imposing

Me, Donnie, and the White House

@ Arlington Cemetery

Benjamin with cousins, aunt, and uncle

Benji passed out on way back from DC

Benjamin and Donnie on way to Chicago

Between those two trips, we introduced Benjamin to the Jumparoo which he promptly fell in love with. Here’s a video of him enjoying the ride. And sorry about the sideways video. Since I was using our Digital SLR to record it, I forgot about the fact that it would record sideways and I wouldn’t be able to rotate it! So enjoy a little neck stretch as you watch it.  It’s one of my favorites of him in the Jumparoo so I had to include it. This video if from May 11th, so he was quite a bit younger then. So I’ve also included a photo of a much older and more mature Benji in the Jumparoo.

This next video is from May 28th.

Now check out the next post for more catching up.


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