Ah, catching up again Part II

(Scroll down for Part I post!)

On June 13, Benjamin was dedicated at church. He did very well (actually going the whole night before with no feeding, though he cried for two hours!) and the prayers people offered for him were encouraging and made us feel even more fully a part of our church family. And Benjamin spit up at the perfect time, just before we handed him off to Andy 🙂

Pastor Andy and Benjamin down amongst the audience before the prayer. (Notice the strategically placed cloth diaper/spit-up rag)

Thanks, Joani, for taking the photos!

Benji also recently started rolling over. He first did it over a month ago and then waited until a few Saturdays ago to start rolling with  fun-filled consistency. I believe he’s now on the verge of being able to also roll from his back to tummy. Here’s a video of all the excitement! It’s from June 15 and took all morning to get it (this is the 11th video attempt), so be patient but he eventually does it.

On the same Sunday that he was dedicated, we hosted our first of a hopefully regular monthly board gaming afternoon. Phew, that was a mouthful. We had a great turn-out. Various people played Bang!, Power Grid, Skip-Bo, and a half game of Citadels. We figured out some ways to run things better next time, but it was a beautiful afternoon with the windows open and kids napping and/or playing happily inside and out.

Mark Curtis and Melissa Frey playing an opening round of Bang!

Jeremy and Carri playing Citadels with me (before it broke up for the more exciting Power Grid game)

Tim Frey, Mark Curtis, Daniel Morse, and Christoph Neumann trying to figure out Power Grid

Donnie catching Natalie and Melissa being silly while playing Skip-Bo

Just some of the games we had available to play….

Last weekend, we hiked up Bald Hill in West Corvallis with our church’s Family Foundations group. It was a very pleasant day, which made the hike mostly sweat-free, and I hiked it in my jeans!

Donnie and Benji on the trail(Part of) the view from the top

And a pretty wildflower courtesy of Donnie

And finally, last Sunday (Father’s Day), Benjamin had his first rice cereal. It was pretty exciting, as you can imagine.

Into the mouth…

Not so sure…

Oh wait. This is fun!

Yum yum! Or as Donnie says, “Nom nom!” 🙂

And Benji has been logging lots of time attempting to sit up. He can actually do pretty well for a decent amount of time. It’s similar to the way he rotates in circles during tummy time–he’s not sure what he’s doing or how he’s doing it, but it looks good!

He does have a spine, I promise.

Oh and just for cuteness’ sake, here’s a video of Benjamin drumming with his daddy on June 13 🙂 Oh and enjoy some classic Benji “Elvis look” in this video.


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