Ah, splat mat and more

I’ve been tackling some sewing projects…finally. I tend to have to psyche myself up until I’m ready to spend lots of time ironing and doing scary non-reversible cutting of fabric. Sunday night, I finished the Splat Mat that will soon live on he floor under Benji’s highchair. I was inspired by Joani’s cute Splat Mat project, which you can see here. (Joani is very crafty so if you’re interested in play room sewing/crafty ideas, look around her blog!)

I picked up the oilcloth at Creative Crafts & Frames in Corvallis and used a 50% off coupon to make the project affordable.

I’m very happy with the results. Of course, though, I tacked on quite a bit of time to the project since I ended up pinning on the bias tape because I was so afraid of it. Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of failure? I also followed this site’s instructions which helped me feel empowered and garnered great results. I even accessed my own brain for a moment and figured out how to deal with the bias tape at the corners. Way to go, brain!

Scary, scary bias tape!

I’m also in the process of making napkins. I’m not sure that I bought cotton that is heavy enough but oh well. I’m making them in sets of two in different shades and patterns of green. Some of them are from remnants that I’ve picked up at Joann’s.


Tuesday morning I went ahead and made several matching, reversible coasters from the leftover fabric with the light fabric on one side and darker on the other. They were a welcome break from all the ironing of the soon-to-be hemmed edges of the napkins since these require no ironing!

Next, I think I’ll sew some coordinating place mats in (much) heavier fabric.

And lastly, I’m making a pair of doorstops for the study and master bedroom doors. The cross breeze can get a little intense at times. The fabric I’m using was actually initially intended for napkins (one of the remnants I’d picked up) but I decided it was better suited for this project. Pictures coming soon of those!

*All of these sewing projects are coming from the book, Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing, that my sweet hubby bought for me as a surprise two Falls ago.



  1. I think you most definitely can. Any color requests? There’s the fabric that Joani used for hers (if you follow the link to her site) that has trucks and trains and is more kid-oriented. And then there’s a pretty green and white fleur-de-lis patterned kind of one as well as other bold prints like the one I chose. Any preferences?

  2. Wow!! Very nice! I remember the days when I did projects. Yours look really pretty and pretty practical.

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