Ah, floor pillows project

I’ve been thinking about buying floor pillows for our living room after being inspired by two friends’ very different pillows in their houses. First, Carri Mikkelsen’s family has 3 or 4 big square corduroy pillows in their living room that they throw out into the middle of the floor whenever it’s wrestle time. They’re comfy and fun and stack well in the corner when not in use and can be used for fort building as I’ve witnessed firsthand.

And then Joani Curtis recently made some big round, marshmallow-like pillows that are more for sitting but still just as fun, which you can read more about here.

So with this on my mind, I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the purl bee’s link to see their latest crafting tutorial and it was, you guessed it, floor pillows! Huge ones, 36″ x 36″.

I like the applique on the front and am considering using the same pattern or making my own. I definitely would use less bold colors–probably blues and greens or blues and reds, so that they go well in our living room right now. The pillow forms for a pillow that size are quite pricey, so I may just stuff with poly-fil like I do for my knitted and crocheted toy projects.

We would stack them in the corner where the big black swivel chair is now since we’ve been planning its removable for some time now. Poor black swivel chair. It’s had a good life for a $50 chair (& ottoman) that Donnie bought back in college, but it is time to make more playing room, and thus, it’s time say good-bye…soon!


  1. Claire,
    I’ve made a bunch of these for our TV room upstairs, through the years. Your best bet is really using the pillow forms to get a dense enough center, so no one gets hurt during those wrestling games 🙂

    I always buy mine with coupons at Jo Ann’s, Hancock’s or Hobby Lobby. But you might also check out a warehouse fabric store. Don’t know what that would be, where you live, but ask around to your friends who do heavy duty sewing. Most of those places sell to pro. seamstresse and their pillow forms are the best quality and usually even better prices that Jo Ann’s, Hancock’s or HL. JA & HL always have 40% off coupons each week that would really cut the price on those. I have even put together all the scraps from the window treatments and made neat design with the fabric prints (stripes, etc.) Then trimmed them with nice braids and trims and even self made piping. You can make them really beautiful as well as functional 🙂

  2. I have floor pillows, though I’ll admit that I bought them at Wal-Mart right before living in my first apartment. I love them. They are perfect when we have a bunch of people over and run out of seating (or when I just feel like sitting on the floor to do projects). I agree – go for the denser pillow. It will last much longer and hold up much better. You might also consider sewing the pillowcase as just that – a pillow case – something you can remove and wash. Not a bad idea since you have a kid!

    I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  3. You’re right. I probably should use the pillow form. Unfortunately, none of those stores sell a form larger than 26″ and I was hoping to much bigger, like 36″. So we’ll see!

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