Ah, Die Macher

For Donnie’s graduation from our church’s Leadership Development Course (yay, Donnie!)–at which Donnie excelled and dedicated himself to learning 36 verses faithfully, among lots and lots of other things–Benjamin and I bought him a board game. Big surprise, eh? The game is considered to be one of the first Euro board games that helped spawn the huge industry in Germany–games like Settlers of Catan and Agricola. The game is Die Macher, which is German for The Maker (which, of course, Seth already knows).

Because it works best the more people you have play it and because it’s also a long game, we invited the Mikkelsens and Morses over to play it with us on Father’s Day. The Morses weren’t able to stay, so me, Jeremy, and Donnie all threw in our political hats to play the game which involves trying to win a series of local elections in Germany in a bid to win the national German election. Sounds fun, right? Trust me, it is!

Oh and I won. 🙂 Perhaps because I played as the current ruling party?


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