Ah, first teeth

On June 10th (so when he was 4 months and 3 weeks old), during one of my regular session with Benjamin during which he sucks on one of my knuckles, I noticed something uncomfortably sharp. I felt around and decided it must be a tooth. And within a day or two it was out, as was the one next to it! I’ve been delinquent about taking photos, so here are a few of the little suckers, I mean, biters.

No teeth. Just cute.

“I love my new teeth!”



  1. Claire, can one continue nursing with teethers? Do you have to do anything different? Or maybe they teeth stay out of the way? Hurray for teeth! =)

  2. I’m still nursing! He only bites every so often and it’s usually at the end of a feeding when he’s sort of losing focus anyway. Whenever he bites, I just say “Ouch!” and thump his cheek and the feeding is over. (But if he happens to bite me at the very beginning of the feeding, we just take a break and then I start feeding him again.) But yes, in the regular sucking motion, the teeth stay out of the way!

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