Ah, 3rd of July BBQ

Since we don’t have family up here to celebrate the holiday with, we decided to throw a 3rd of July grilling party! It was BYOM (M is for Meat) and there were plenty of tasty sides and two yummy desserts for all 16 of us who were able to make it. I made a Lemon Chiffon Cake, complete with whipped egg whites to make it oh so fluffy, and it was a success! Mmmm. Here’s a picture of what’s left:

Mmm, lemon. Mmm, lemon frosting.

Tim & Mark playing Washers

(On a side note: that Pampas Grass behind Mark will be meeting its demise soon. Then our front and back yards will be Pampas Grass free!!)

Benji on a blanket. Other than Daddy’s arms, this was “the place to be.”

Miss Allison in all of her 4th of July splendor!

Benji & Donnie: The Grilling Duo

Benjamin seems to making an interesting point.

Welcome to Carpenter Backyard Strong Man Competition, featuring Caleb Evans!

The Guthries and Evanses engaged in deep, theological discussions 🙂

And I saved the best photos for last. When the Vails got to the party, I told Justin that he could get himself a drink and that there was tape and a marker set out for him to put his name on the cup. When I came inside a few minutes later, this is what I found:

Donnie saw it as it happened and said to Justin, “I guess you really want to claim one of our cups as yours.” And Justin paused and said, “What?” Apparently he hadn’t heard the part about the tape. At least it doesn’t say “Justin” and the blue matches the cup. 🙂


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