Ah, sparklers & board games

To celebrate the 4th, we grilled our leftover sausage from the party the day before and played some board games. Before Benji headed to bed, we lit one of our sparklers for him to enjoy.

Ooooh, orange sparkles and smoke!

Even Daddy’s impressed by it.

Right before Benjamin headed to bed, Donnie and I settled in for two board games–Pandemic and Agricola. Benjamin wanted in on the action so he helped me save the world from a terrible virus!

“What a good choice, Benji!”

“Let’s eradicate the virus by eating it!”

“I can save the world all by myself!”

And then we finished the night by watching our neighbors across the street set off about 30 or so of their huge (and illegal) fireworks–illegal because they went more then 50 feet into the air. Way more. They were pretty spectacular. Apparently police aren’t very strict about it since they do it every 4th and New Year’s. And others in the neighborhood were doing it too, which made it quite the colorful evening. We also set off a few of our own much smaller fireworks. Benji, amazingly, slept through it all!


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