Ah, girls are weird

Sunday night, the Curtises were over (Allison and Joani only briefly) and we were all able to witness an interesting interaction between Allison and Benjamin. Allison discovered his Bumbo seat and tray and had been having a good ol’ time getting in and out of it with lots of smiles and encouragement from the rest of us. First Joani and then Mark had been holding Benji and Allison didn’t seem to mind a bit.

Well, when Mark decided to give Benjamin a turn in the Bumbo, Allison was…well, let’s just say that she was not very excited about it. We don’t have a picture of her first outburst of crying, but we’ll just let Benjamin’s reaction give you the gist of it.

It was pretty hilarious to watch Benjamin try to figure out what was wrong with her. At one point, he actually tried to mimic her screechy wail with a squeak of his own that Donnie and I had never heard before! Instead of consoling her, his squeal made her cry even harder (while Joani and I did a terrible job not laughing.)

Soon, it was Allison’s turn again, but while Mark put her in the Bumbo, Joani picked up Benjamin, and here was Allison’s reaction to this second betrayal.

Unfortunately for Allison, we adults weren’t very empathetic and instead were laughing…a lot.

The night, however, ended amicably with Allison touching Benji’s face in a friendly way and wanting to hold Benjamin.

I think she may have been having second thoughts.

What Benji learned from the whole event: Girls are so weird 🙂


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