Ah, singing with the Benji

For those of you who know me well…or have ever had a conversation with me during which we talked about something that reminded me of a song, you know that I like to sing spontaneously. Show tunes, pop music, oldies, nursery rhymes, you name it. I believe I inherited this from my dear mother and have been dutifully passing it on to Donnie and now to poor unsuspecting Benjamin.

I’ve found that being alone with a baby all day long affords a veritable cornucopia of opportunities to sing any and all kinds of songs…to the great delight of the listener! I have yet to capture this on film but hope to soon (except for the little snippet of “Rolling on a River/on a Blanket” that some of you heard during the Rolling video) .

Here are some of the songs I sing, with Benjamin’s name or variant thereof appropriately inserted.

  • “O my darling Clementine/Benji”
  • “My bologna/baby has a first name…It’s B-E-N-J-I”  (his middle name works in place of Mayer as well!)
  • “Pussycat/Benji-boy, Benji-boy, I love you, yes I do!”
  • “How cute is that doggie/Benji in the window? The one with the beautiful eyes, etc…”
  • “There was a man who had a dog/baby, and Bingo/Benji was his name-o”

New songs are being discovered every day! Nothing is off-limits (as you can tell by the “Pussycat” one…). If you have any suggestions, please do share 🙂



  1. I love it, of course! It’s hard to make suggestions because “the moment,” the situation, sets the mood for what is appropriate. There is also opportunity for singing and rhyming when you push him in a swing. “How I love to go up in the air….” but you can transition into anything and make little rhyming verses that catch the rhythm of the swing. And because he is young, no rhyme is a bad rhyme.

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