Ah, camping with the Curtises

On my birthday weekend, we headed out to Newport’s South Beach State Park for the annual All-Church Camp Out. The Curtises invited us way back when Benjamin was about 6 weeks old and at the time, I couldn’t imagine anything less possible…or fun. But a few weeks before the trip, I decided we could do it. We needed to brave the possible horrors of camping with Benjamin in a fairly risk-free environment (Newport’s only an hour and a half away so if all else failed, we could just drive home), so that we could see if we wanted to do it again.

Well, we had a blast! First, let me say that this was the swankest campground I (or Donnie) has ever stayed at. Each site had electrical outlets and its own water faucet!!! And the bathrooms had electricity and warm showers…for free! Joani pointed out that part of why it was so nice was because it is a year-round campground versus those that are only used in the summers; those tend to be more primitive. But still. It was amazing!

The nights there were also a bit chilly–in the upper 40’s. So Benjamin went to bed in a onesie, socks, fleece sleeper, and fleece sleep sack. And on Saturday night, a beanie (which didn’t last for long, but his little ears were so chilly).

Benjamin also struggled with going to sleep a little bit both nights but that was understandable since here it’s still bright at 7:30…and 9:30. And kids riding by on their bicycles and scooters squealing and loving life didn’t help either. Other than that, he loved being outside, and we loved the opportunity to hang out with the Curtises and play board games!

Our tents (ours is on the right)

The nice screened-in canopy which made board-game playing delightfully mosquito free!

Daniel and Natalie were unable to stay overnight so they came out Saturday morning and hung out.

Mark quizzically eating his lunch.

Donnie spitefully eating his lunch.

Joani and Allison laughingly eating their lunches.

Benjamin’s Elvis impression strikes again!

Enjoying pack n’ play time“Mmmm, chips in a compostable bag.”

Happy (and warm!) camper 🙂


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