Ah, camping tips

I forgot to include in my last post some tips I learned during our camping trip, specifically tips for those camping with a baby.

Use pack n’ play mattress/pad on the tent floor

Because Benjamin is not yet crawling–just rolling–I didn’t think it was necessary to set up the Pack N’ Play in the tent. Besides, our tent isn’t big enough to do so. Instead, it occurred to me that we could just take the mattress pad and lay it on the tent floor for him to have a firm, safe surface on which to sleep. And then around the two non-tent wall sides, I just put our bags to keep him hemmed in and from being able to see me sleeping next to him. It worked perfectly!

Bring lots of burp cloths

If your baby tends to spit up a lot, bring double what you might expect to need. Fortunately for us, I decided to continue to cloth diaper over the weekend and had brought extras of those just in case, so we had plenty of spit-up rags. But still. Phew. Lots o’ spit up.

If cloth diapering, bring disposables just in case.

This may go without saying, but I brought along our size 3 diapers (I get some in each size for the church nursery and just in case) and disposable wipes intending just to use them in an emergency. Well, Friday afternoon Benjamin got one of his bad diaper rashes. Even though it was only two spots where the skin was gone and it was oozing, I knew he’d be more comfortable in a disposable because of how much drier it would keep him. So he spent the evening and overnight in disposables, which at least made me feel better, if not him too!

Be prepared to do lots of laundry

…especially if your baby is one of the aforementioned spitter-uppers. Spit up, spit up everywhere. I only brought one fleece jacket for him, so by the last day, he smelled pretty ripe 🙂 Fortunately, it was cool and so the smell wasn’t exacerbated by the heat.

No matter what, I highly encourage all parents to go camping, even with little ones. Except for the sleep deprivation, it’s actually really easy with the pre-mobile ones. Or at least, easier than might be expected. And if your little one likes being outside, then camping is like a never-ending wonderland, making your child miraculously content to hang out in the Pack N’ Play with toys and a breeze running through his little tufts of hair 🙂

Don’t let the obvious foreseen difficulties of trouble falling asleep and possible difficulties napping keep you away. It’s totally worth it. Though I do suggest camping nearby to start out because, as I said in my previous post, you can always pack up and make a quick exit home if need be.

Benjamin says, “Happy camping!”


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