Ah, first “pool” time

I recently picked up a reusable swim diaper for Benji and have been itching for a chance to try it out. So last Wednesday afternoon, we laid out our round plastic sled and set Benji inside it. A little water from the hose later and ta-da! instant baby splashing pool.

It was about 6:00 in the evening and though still warm and sunny, I probably should’ve used warmer water from the sink. He seemed like he could’ve been chilly. So I ended up taking off the fabulous new swim diaper and letting him splash around in the buff since I figured it would be warmer without the wet fabric clinging to him. It took him awhile to get in the mood to play since he was so enthralled with being outside in the nude–two of his favorite things!

I had hoped to do Water Babies with him this summer but the dates didn’t work out since he needed to be 6 months to start and the only one after that mark is in August and we would miss 4 of the classes while in Texas. So hopefully we’ll go in the fall.

This weekend it is supposed to be in the mid- to upper-80’s, so I plan on slathering him in some sunscreen and trying it again when it will hopefully be more refreshing!


One Comment

  1. Love it! The boy is a cutie in those glasses. He takes after his Grandan. Saturday Grandan stripped to his skivvies to try to entice Wade to get into the pool in the backyard. Wade didn’t get here with his swim suit and never got in the mood. But he came prepared Sunday and enjoyed himself. (And this response has answered a question that Dad posed a few weeks ago: is there another word besides savvy that has two v’s? I asked him how to spell skivvy, and there was the answer.)

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