Ah, fun Wednesday

Wednesday morning, Donnie, Benji, and I headed over to Blueberry Meadows to pick us some blueberries! It was both Benjamin’s and Donnie’s first time berry picking. We had tried the week before but it was closed for ripening–the nerve. This time, the moment we stepped out of the car, the sun came out which made the picking a bit toasty, especially for Benjamin. So we only stayed about 20 minute but were able to pick about 2 and a half pounds of blueberries for $3.50!

Ready to pick!

I don’t have any pictures of the actual picking since my hands were full but you’ll just have to imagine 😉

Later that afternoon, it was time for Benji’s first round of rice cereal and Donnie helped out. We started it back up last Friday and so far, he’s been eating (and digesting!) like a healthy little champ. Right now he gets it twice a day and next week we’ll start adding some fruits and veggies…one at a time of course.

Our hungry Red raider helping out Daddy

“What are you looking at, Mommy?”

“Seriously. What are you looking at?”

And then during that glorious stretch of 30 minutes before it’s time for Benjamin to get ready for bed, Benjamin put on display an impressive string of tired head flops onto Donnie’s chest. There’s a lull in the middle of the video but it picks up again with great gusto 🙂



  1. It is and I love it! I tend to use a Moby wrap when I’m carrying him and because I figured Donnie would possibly feel dorky wearing a wrap, I picked up the Ergo carrier at a garage sale for $25! They’re a bit pricey new but very comfy. The only drawback that I see if that the baby can’t ever face out. That’s part of why I like the Moby wrap because I can have him face out. Are you pregnant, my dear??? Have I missed something on Facebook?? If so, congrats 🙂

  2. Well… I haven’t really posted anything about it on facebook but yes, I am pregnant and due January 21st! I really like the moby and the ergo from what I’ve read about online and think I could get into woven wraps as well but it’s nice to hear from someone who actually has an ergo as most people I know have a bjorn. The ergo just looks more comfortable for the baby and the parent and it can hold more weight so I think that’s what we’ll go with.

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