It’s a miracle…

… that the backyard is dry enough to play in even in the morning!

Yes, this counts as a miracle. Any of my non-Oregonian friends might doubt this. But trust me. It is.

Okay, maybe it’s more of a blessing than a miracle. Either way, I’m thankful.

Yesterday we spent almost 4 hours outside, split between the morning and the afternoon. Part of that was a walk around the block, and with Benji and his push toy, that can take 20 minutes. A wonderful leisurely 20 minutes.

Blue skies are here!

He loves his monkey hat. He used to tolerate wearing it and has never fought it when we’ve gone outside and he’s recognized a legitimate need for it. Usually, as soon as we come inside, he tears it off. But yesterday, when we first went outside it was still cool, so being the sporadically protective mother that I am, I sent him out with the monkey hat and a jacket on top of his layered long- and short-sleeved shirts. When the sun came out in full force, I tried to take off his hat but he refused. I took it off and then he put it back on. Just after this picture, I took it off and weathered the complaining. His poor little head was so sweaty!

Playing with his ubiquitous stick.

He seems to care for nothing else but his sticks and sometimes his push toys when he’s outside. The last few days,  he’s been content to play outside mostly by himself, with me just inside the back door or at the kitchen window of course. He usually wanders the yard with his stick, whacking at the grass and bushes or pushing it along the ground like a push toy.

I slowed down the shutter speed for some fun with this one.  And I messed with the ISO for this next one, and I like

the halo effect, even though it’s too dark.(Note: that is our strawberry patch to the left and our new shed that we still need to paint. But we have the color picked out.)

My big boy


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