In Daddy’s Shoes

A good percentage of Benjamin’s daily routine is trying on shoes. The first pair is usually my red Mary Jane Crocs that live back by the back sliding door. He can actually walk around in them because they’re lightweight; thus, they are his favorites. Next, he moves to the basket of shoes next to the front door, carries the lucky pair to the back of the couch or the wall for stabilization and then proudly puts his feet in and then back out, over and over until just the right balance is achieved.

Last Thursday, Donnie dressed up a little bit for a conference down in Eugene, which included wearing his brown dress shoes. When Benjamin woke from his nap, he was immediately enamored.

“I’ve got to get these laces just right.”

“Still not right.”

“Ah, sweet success.”

And if you’re desperate for some live-action footage of all of this, here is the video. Apologies for the overbrightness of it:


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