Playing with Grandma

I finally got the last round of pictures loaded so here are some pictures of Benjamin playing with Donnie’s mom during their visit. It was hard snapping a picture of the two of them together since Ginger is generally photo-documenting everyone else, which of course, means lots of good pictures of the whole trip. So here are some of my favorites.

Benjamin loved (and still does love) the elephant puppet his grandparents brought him. There was always a small herd of elephants in the living room!

Benjamin reaching in to get a toy, excitedly expecting Grandma to grab him!

“Hmmm, yes, I do believe that is a triangle.”

And this is me doing an elephant sound with my lips. You can tell that Benjamin and Ginger really love my impression 🙂



  1. Claire- I really enjoy the pictures you post on this sight. It’s fun to watch Benjamin grow up. He is so cute. Papaw likes them too. Love Mamaw

  2. Love these! Grandmas are great!! And who knew an elephant would be a favorite?!

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