Walks with Mia

This is my favorite picture of my mom, and Benjamin happens to be in it as an extra bonus!

Benjamin and Mia took many, many walks together which Benjamin loved. His favorite one was probably the walk along the wood-chip path around our neighborhood that at several points is adjacent to a river and then a creek. As my mom tells it, because Benjamin had done so well on the trail the day before, she let him walk ahead of her. And as he toddled along, she watched in surprised horror as he walked on a snake! Benjamin never noticed and the snake promptly fled into the bushes instead of striking at his heel. Okay, it probably wouldn’t have struck since it was most likely a large garter snake. But still, quite the dramatic walk.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of any of their walks so you’ll have to imagine the “snake walk” all by yourself.



  1. Oh my. I have to say I am not surprised. It sounds like the perfect Kolb grandparent story.

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