My flower gardens

Back at the very beginning of March, I planted sunflower and cosmos seeds, as well as lavender and herbs. As it turns out, that was early for starting seeds indoors. Very early. Very, very early. Especially since this spring (and summer, sigh) was so wet. (I knew my perfectionism had been keeping me too worried to even trying gardening for a reason. But now I know for next year!)

So when I planted the sunflowers and cosmos in early April, they stood a few inches tall with their two leaves and waited….until mid-May to start growing. Which means they were pretty stunted. But now I finally have blooms. The Florenza sunflowers bloomed first, then the Peach Passion ones, and lastly two other big yellow ones whose names I can’t remember at the moment.

Florenza blossoms





My big yellows

Note: I couldn’t plant the lavender until early June because the ground temp had to be above 65 degrees. That’s right, it took until June for that to happen. But they’re doing their best now and next year will hopefully bloom.


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