Potty time or story time?

Benjamin, for the most part, loves his potty. Sometimes he prefers the one in his bathroom upstairs, sometimes the big potty without his potty seat, sometimes with the potty seat. And sometimes the little potty downstairs. Sometimes it can be quite the game of charades to figure out which he prefers. And we usually draw the line at switching between the big potty and the little potty and then back again.

Following the advice of Dr. Jill Lekovic in Diaper-Free Before 3, we have tried to make the experience fun and accommodating to his desires. This usually means giving him as many books and toys as he likes while he sits on the potty. This started when we first put him on the potty at 9 months and has continued in full force. Now, he usually picks out and brings his own entertainment. Sometimes he only wants to stay a few moments but other times, he could spend 10, 15, even 20 minutes there (usually when he has “important” business to attend to there).

Here he is from last week hanging out on the potty while I did the dishes and got dinner ready. We don’t often stay in the bathroom with him, especially when he’s lingering, but then he sometimes starts yelling for us to tell him what each page of his book says so I will bring his potty out into the kitchen or, as in this case, only halfway out of the bathroom.

Is that a Benji?

It is, it is!


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