Gathering Together Farm

To celebrate our 7th anniversary as a family, we headed over to Philomath to the Gathering Together Farm for breakfast on Saturday, July 30th (our anniversary is the 31st). We had been waiting to use the gift certificate that Seth and Kristen gave us and it was the perfect morning and occasion for it!

I hadn’t really thought about it beforehand, but this was the first time we went out to eat with Benjamin when he had to wait to be served. (Note: we never got out to eat as a family.) So after about 5 minutes of waiting and eating the cheese I brought, he was restless. He also wasn’t too interested in the delicious grilled cheese or the potatoes (since he can’t have eggs, he couldn’t have any of their breakfast items). But we survived and Donnie and I had our fill!

The old “big person” fork trick. One potato in. And only one.

Not so sure about this potato.

Okay. I’ll try one on my own. And only one.

The eating area is on a porch and of course, because it’s Oregon, the temperature was perfect at 9:30 a.m.

After eating, we headed out to the flower garden which was in full force. Unfortunately for the portraits, the sun was as well.


Hello, kitty!

Signing “kitty”

Running for joy!



  1. I know. Very odd! That’s why we took a picture. I should look it up in an Oregon field guide.

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