Fall Festival 2011

Two weekends ago, we headed to the Corvallis Fall Festival and met up with our friends, Brett and Hannah. (Note: I realized we forgot the camera as we were leaving Albany and decided it wasn’t worth it to turn back. So the only photos of us were kindly taken by Donnie’s phone and by Hannah on her iPhone. Thank you, Hannah!)

East Entrance to the park (courtesy of Corvallis Parks website). We actually entered this way. Of course, it was crowded with tents and hanging baskets of flowers for sale.

(Courtesy of festival event website.)

The festival is arranged as two big circles of vendors and then some around the outside of the circles. And there’s lots of yummy carnival fare. After munching on cinnamon-sugar-encrusted hazelnuts (thank you again, Hannah!), we ordered a plate full of curly fries for $5 so Benjamin could have a safe snack (since I forgot to pack one!). I initially cringed at the price, but it ended up being an entire potato, fried-to-order! I watched them twirl it into curly strips and then fry them. They were quite tasty without salt or any other seasonings. Mmmm!

There are lots of artists, of course. This festival is the art one and the Da Vinci Days festival in July is more science-focused.

This year, I actually bought a piece of artwork from the festival poster’s artist, Jennifer Lommers. (A print, not the original.) She is a local artist, which made it even sweeter. Many of her paintings and prints featured poppies (my absolute favorite flower next to tulips, and fortunately they’re in different seasons so I’m happy half the year :D). She has an etsy shop, too.

I also bought two girly hair clippies/headbands at Donnie’s encouragement from the A House in the Woods booth. She has an esty shop too. She’s a very sweet mother of a two-year-old who started making all of these cute baby things so she could stay home with her daughter.

Here are the pictures we managed to snag. Benjamin did great in the stroller for about half the two and half hours we were there…as long as we kept moving, which was easy to do.

Benji looking a little unsure about this photo op.

Finally got him to smile, kind of.

Playing on the big climbing rocks by the southwest entrance to the Park, near the big playground. I think he was just amazed he was allowed to climb on these things. Could it be true??

We ended the day at Brett and Hannah’s mansion (aka, the Kappa Delta sorority house where they are the house parents). We dined on yummy leftovers that the chef made throughout the week–pulled pork sandwiches, crisp green beans, and baked beans. Mmmm. (Side note: the other night, the chef made individual chicken pot pies for all 52 of the live-ins. I want to live there!)

We can’t wait to go back next year with Baby Girl in tow. I anticipate more running around and less shopping for the next two years!

Doesn’t he look like such a big boy?



  1. So fun!!! You managed to get lots of good pics. I want a picture of the pumpkin ice cream! I am trying to talk Seth into having it with me.

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