Playing in the front yard

This is the highly anticipated post about how different it looks when Benjamin plays in the front yard. Funnily enough, he actually does play quite differently. Most of it involves mowing up and down the yard. In the few weeks since I took these pictures, his affinity for regimented mowing has decreased.

What’s that in the sky?

Oh right. It’s one of the many, many little planes that fly overhead every day!

Running around with his new, one and only train!

Time for a ride on the truck, or as Benji calls it, his “ckkkkk!” (That’s my transcription of the hard “k” sound combined with a rumbling engine imitation.)

Trucks are fun!

And he’s off! (I had to trim the bush on the right side to help save the little bush next to the ferns on the left. This route is Benjamin’s preferred way to enter the grassy yard.)

Oh yeah. It’s hard to ride the truck on the grass. Time to mow!

Makes me want to pop a wheelie with my CR-V!

So doesn’t playing in the front yard look different than playing in the back yard?



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