Off to the Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, October 9th, we headed to the Davis Family Farm with families from our church group to pick us some pumpkins! This was our first time at a pumpkin patch, with Benjamin or not, so we had fun taking the hay ride to the patch, slogging through the muck, holding the (surprisingly!) prickly pumpkin vine stumps, and watching our pumpkins be weighed on a cool old scale.

Benjamin wasn’t as impressed by all the mud. The combination of his rain boots still being a bit too big and the layers of muck, I’m sure made it hard for him to walk. But he is also a boy who, so far, prefers no “yuckiness” on him 🙂

Benjamin and Autumn bonding over their identical green rain boots.

Horses and chestnuts on the way to the patch.

Off the wagon, into the mud!

“This pumpkin is heavy…and prickly.”

“Still heavy. Oh and there’s mud on my boots!”

“I don’t know if I can go any further.”

“Okay, I can do it.”

Our pumpkin loot.
(Sorry for the weird exposure.)

The man driving the tractor asked us if Benjamin would like to take a turn driving (2 different kids got to “drive” it on the way to the patch and back). We enthusiastically volunteered Benjamin for the job, so he and Donnie got into the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Benji in the picture, but just trust me that he’s there.

Semi-proof that he was on the tractor!

The whole tractor driving event left quite an impression on Benjamin. Now, whenever we see tractors–which is often since we drive past many fields on the way to Corvallis and there are two tractor lots on the way out of Albany–Benjamin points and says, “Daddy” and points far away. Of course, this translates to: “Ooh, ooh, Daddy and I rode on a tractor together!”

Next to the tractor at end of the hay ride.

Weighing the pumpkins.

And just to remind you we’re in Oregon, this is a picture of the truck parked next to us at the pumpkin patch. It wasn’t broken down and wasn’t rusted out. Just another vehicle that sees a lot of shade time.



  1. I’m thinking it was Donnie who begged to drive the tractor, and Bejamin is just pointing it out every time he sees a tractor, with regret in his voice.

    Can you send that picture of the fern-growing vehicle to Dad? He can wow some folks at work.

  2. Kristen, I do love that photo. I’ve seen this kind of thing before but never had a camera with me!

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