BBQ & Bounce

Our church group has an annual BBQ & Bounce to help kick off the Bible studies, and we went for the first time this year. Because it’s chilly and dark here in the evenings, the bounce house was set up in the sanctuary lobby. The kids played until we ate and then played some more. It was Benjamin’s first time in a bounce house, and considering that he can’t jump yet, he had a great time!

“Hi, Daddy!”


Tumble again!

Benjamin also had fun playing with Bryan Rhodes.

Isn’t he doll with all that orange?

Apparently he’s practicing how to be a helpful big brother. First, he picked up Bryan’s rattle. Then, he dropped it on the floor, exclaiming, “Uh-oh!” And then, he handed it back to Bryan. Fortunately Bryan didn’t seem to notice or care 🙂

And here are some pictures of just some of our friends who were also there.

Isaac Jackson Sadik! He seemed pretty frustrated about not getting to bounce. Poor Isaac.

Carrie & Isaac

Carrie, Isaac, Patrick, and Dave

Erik, Becca, and Luke Hammagren



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